Audry Hepburn, the jewelry style icon
A Jewelry Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn


’And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!’ Audrey Hepburn


written by: János Molnár




Today we pay tribute to one of our favorite Hollywood glamour girls. Audrey Hepburn is undoubtedly a style icon, and will continue to curb fashion trends that reflect the bold choices she made in her wardrobe. A special trend she started is the little black dress—a staple in any woman’s closet today that’s appropriate for many different occasions. Some of her most glamorous pictures were taken on the set of her films, although a lot of the characters she played were not a reflection of her personally. Let’s take a look at Audrey’s various fashion statements, and read how you can imitate whichever style you like. We’ll pick a couple of famous characters to focus on and also the actress herself. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


This movie has some of the most memorable jewelry ever worn by Hepburn. The iconic image of her in that little black dress, adorned with a stunning pearl necklace and sparkling earrings, remains a valued look among trendsetters. That signature bouffant hairstyle is the perfect canvas to display her incredible tiara that became popular soon after.


If you prefer the style of Holly Golightly, you’ll need a lot of dazzling crystals. Try adorning a simple hair comb with a dramatic garnet necklet. Try simulating her picture-perfect pearls with the help of our freshwater pearl selection. Put your own twist on the classic staple by playing with colors like pink and blue. We offer pearls in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit your personal style. The key to looking like Holly Golightly is to go all out with glamour! 

My Fair Lady


Essentially there are two parts to Hepburn’s character, Eliza Doolittle, in this film. She is first introduced as a simple girl with no means to create a statement. If you like this look then no need to read any further. At the end, however, we see her transition into a fashionable beauty. Again, this role has more over-the-top glamour that we love to emulate. Besides the gigantic hat Audrey flawlessly models in the movie, the most decorative accents are her choker-style bib necklace adorned with crystals and that matching tiara.


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Real-life Audrey


Unlike her silver-screen alter egos, Hepburn liked to limit herself to understated sophistication in her jewelry. She rarely wore watches and kept her subtle elegance by wearing stud earrings. She was wise to choose only quality pieces. Audrey Hepburn preferred to have one or two high-quality pieces rather than a drawer full of cheap styles.


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The secret to Audrey Hepburn’s impeccable style was her sense of self-awareness. Her attitude made whatever she wore look amazing. We remember her as a style icon because of the confidence she carried in her fashion choices. You will look great in any jewelry design you make—if you believe in your ideas and project that same attitude when you show them off!



Is there another hollywood glamour girl you base your fashion on? Let us know who you think we should do a feature on next!



Photo Source: IMDB.