Jewelry consultation


The dress,the make up and the hair style are perfect. You have got the shoes and the bag as well. But something is still missing…This is the jewelry! The perfect look can be deepened with the well – selected jewelry and we can reach the opposite influence with a badly picked jewelry.


If you are not sure what really fits on you,please feel free to ask! The Brillionaire stylists can help you during a complex jewelry consultation  after assessing your style,interests,age,dress to pick up what fits you the best! At the end of the one and a half hour consultation you will have a clear imagination what to wear.



Gift Ideas for Ladies – Men Attention Please!


Have you ever been in the situation that you wanted to surprise The Woman of your life but you didn’t have an idea what to buy?

To avoid this unpleasant feeling don’t hesitate contact us,we can help you.

Every women would love to get a personal jewelry coaching,during she is in the center and she can get useful advices how to look hotter and how to fascinate people around her…and much more...



For details please don’t hesitate to contact  us via e-mail, or  personally in the shop! 

We look forward to see you!

A personal experience from the jewelry coaching


One of our customer wrote these nice lines,we would like to say a big thank to…..”Vam Design Center…Pearl  Wedding Show…B my Brillionaire…I suddenly noticed this interesting name,but what I really can’t forget is the feeling when I entered to the shop. That feeling will stay with me forever. Bright lights and sparkling jewellery in a low-keyed environment. What a doubled solution!


During the coaching I felt like I was the center of the Universe. I met with Tímea and János in the shop. They were my personal advisors.

They asked a couple questions about me. Like: What kind of person I am? What kind of styles do I prefer? What kind of jewellery do I wear? ect.

After the questions János gave a professional jewellery coaching. I saw a beautiful earring in the shop,I have try that on but János warned me not to pick that,instead try a much bigger earring ( I have to admit that I use to wear smaller earrings so I wasn’t sure),but for my biggest surprise my face looked different- in a good way. They have solution for everything! Brooch as a belt ornament? YES!

So Ladies! In case you would like to be part of a professional jewelry coaching with all extras I advice them to you with the biggest confidence!  And B my Brillionaire! Thank you again wit those unforgettable hours…


(Mónika Glück, Diósd)