B my Brillionaire

The jewelry of B my Brillionaire reflect the sophistication of today’s life.


The special design of the jewelry was inspired by the love and respect for nature, each model has a mission to satisfy women’s need.
They give you confidence,exclusivity,with the help of th jewelry you will be more unique and outstanding than you are already.
This gives you a plus to fit everything in place.
Do you know the feeling when you walk around the street and feel that everybody is looking at you? Do you feel proud when somebody asks “where did you buy that excellent necklace”? The sine of the mineral stones,like turquoise or iolit will surely catch starring eyes.
We recommend our jewelry those men who would like to attract the beloved woman with a unique and timeless jewelry.
And firstly we recommend our jewelry for those women who would like to express themselves through exclusive and unique pieces. If you have already recognized your needs for our jewelry please feel free to contact us! 

​Brillionaire Collections

Queen of Faes - Titanium Collection
Queen of Faes is the main collection of B my Brillionaire,which jewelry are binded with magic. This collection wakes up our inner goddess. It helps you to blur the boundaries. Beautiful flowers,calla,iris….all hand-made jewelry, made with the biggest attention. This collection is special because of the high-temperature processing of titanium.

Enamel Collection
Another special collection in B my Brillionaire is the enamel collection. You can’t walk away next to he harmony of silver and enamel which is a unique pairing together. They are decorative, elegant and sophisticated, with the help of these jewelry you will be the center of the envy eyes. 

Nature - Mineral Collection

These mineral stones will help you not just decorate your outfit but also help you to your body and soul. It is provened that the mineral stones have healing power to their owner. Please ask for help to pick up the right piece!