Moonlight Necklet

VANDA Rhodinated serling silver necklet with rhodinated leaves.

Vanda's works come to life in the movements of human body: this is denoted in the attention she pays to the proportions lying within behavior, acts, usage, and operation. The main emphasis in the fruit of her work and creation process is not on calm harmony, but instead on an opposing feeling, the tension that keeps the interest. She believes that an object's tensional existence is based on a peculiar proportional order, as these proportions keep the task and the object together – both in terms of material and form – and these are the things that grasp the client. Assuming no or refusal in her creations is not something uncommon.

Vanda's creative power is enduring and passionate, routine is completely unknown to her. She always strives for high levels in design, and she's extremely attentive to quality. It's the given assignment, or challenge that inspires her, as she dives deep into it, enthusiastically seeking new directions, and always finding that eternally reviving dynamism.