The design jewelry of Vanda Ferencz is highly sophisticated, displaying a subtle yet characteristic use of broken geometric planes, which results in playful effects of light and movement when worn. The collections are produced in small numbers by hand, based on the designer’s experiments with materials and technologies. Due to Vanda’s continuous experimentation, her jewelry design is always evolving, resulting in new combinations of material, shape and color. The designs are timeless and to reflect that, collections are available for longer periods than usual. The designer’s jewelry pieces are perfect for stylish, sophisticated and open-minded women of all ages.
Diameter (cm)
  • Details

    925 sterling silver with rhodium flashing.

    front part:
    colored, high gloss homogenous surface, uv-resistant.

    back part:
    satin effect metal surface, rhodium coating (platinum flashing) in 3 layers.

    gloss preserving, wear-proof, oxidation resistant and anti-allergenic.
    available in three sizes: with a diameter of 4, 5 and 6 cms