We know how difficult to know the perfect ring size. Mainly when it is a gift for someone we are esteemed.

The best way to find your correct ring size is to visit our shop and have your finger measured using a gauge.

'Wheatsheaf' is the commonly known gauge for measuring finger size in the world, and this is the system we use at Brillionaire Design.  We can also accommodate the UK letter  and European millimetre dimensions and measurements from the USA and Canada, and we have a special ring stick in our showroom that can size rings to this specification.

See the chart below for a list of sizes as a guide. This conversion chart is simply a guide and sizes do not exactly cross over - we recommend you visit our shop or concessions to ensure you have an accurate sizing done.


Please note, these measurements are for guidance only, as all people have different knuckle sizes and their own preference on how loose or tight they wish to wear rings on their fingers.